Go Funk Yourself – Goat Smoking Pipe – Open Mic

We have been promoting and organising a regular Open Mic event in Brighton.  It began life as “I Said Open Mic Not Goat Smoking Pipe” at Neighbourhood Bar in the city on Thursdays.  I admit the name was a bit of a mouthful.  We then hot footed the event over to Revolution Bar every Tuesday

GO FUNK YOURSELF Sunday 29th May

If you follow any of our posts or regularly visit our Facebook Page, you might be aware of the awesome event known as “Go Funk Yourself”.  So awesome is it in fact, that it titles not only a series of parties organised and promoted by Very Funky Records at pubs and bars around Brighton, London and

Go Funk Yourself

The Summer seems to be moments away and we dream of sun soaked afternoons on the Beach in Brighton listening to the latest of our disco infused playlists…… Little can be done about the terrible British weather, so I am afraid we will literally be dreaming about the sunshine for months to come.  It is

Go Funk Yourself

For anyone based in Brighton Sussex, UK.  “VFR” headquarters!  We’re launching a new “Goat Smoking” Open Mic at Revolution Brighton on Tuesday evenings.  Since March of this year (2015) we have been running an extremely fun and successful open mic style event at a small but very cool local bar “Neighbourhood” in Kemptown.  “I said


Back on point after a short break! So, what happened? Not much to speak of but we do suggest checking out Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole. This is a podcast tip for whoever wants to laugh and also dip their toe into the dark, murky and, at times, bizarre world of conspiracy. ‘DITRH’ is a


The Bank Holiday Weekend is upon us here in the UK and we have a two days of events planned involving Live Music, Disco, and Party Grooves. Should be a right old laugh!  You can check out our events on the Facebook page situated to the right of this post.  If you happen to be

Go Funk Yourself @ The West Hill 4th April

We held one of our continuing Go Funk Yourself – “Micro parties” at The West Hill pub in Brighton last Saturday night.  A small venue that is perfect for our brand of party fun.  Check out the photo link below.  Thanks to everyone who came along and DJ’s Nicolas Roe – Gabriel Ursu – Hugo


Below British comedian Richard Herring interviews Steve Coogan and Stephen Fry in two separate episodes of his live podcast that is really rather good.  A loose interview structure has been adopted allowing you to just ease into the show, check out more episodes posted on his Youtube Channel – Richard Herring You Tube Channel  

Go Funk Yourself

When my Girlfriend picks a movie for us to watch it will land (once investigated) on the not very good list!  Last Sunday my body melted into the sofa as it often did when I was out every weekend in the folly of my youth!  We both sat for 7 hours and consumed!  Terrible food,

GENERATION NOW – The Fun’Intentional Good Time Party –

Competition Competition Competition Competition Competition…..etc etc! On the 6th Feb we’re holding the first of many “Generation Now” parties at venues in Brighton over the course of 2015 and beyond. As a reader of this blog we’re giving you the chance to attend for free!  If you would like to come and party with us