Back on point after a short break! So, what happened? Not much to speak of but we do suggest checking out Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole. This is a podcast tip for whoever wants to laugh and also dip their toe into the dark, murky and, at times, bizarre world of conspiracy. ‘DITRH’ is a funny weekly look at all that is wrong in our little human society. Hosted by Mike Cannon and the Liberty Men – the Liberty Men being Tim Rothschild and David Wiess – this one-hour-and-change podcast stirs the pot of multiple subjects including: 911, Sandy Hook, the New World Order, mysticism, shamanistic teachings, chem trails, cancer and also getting arrested for possession of weed….all the big issues! The three play their roles to a tee; Mike the comedian, Tim the mystic and Dave the elite-agenda-busting conspiracy guy. (“There’s not enough fear!”)*. We regularly listen to the show to get their views on happenings around the world and to laugh at the in-fighting and genuinely funny reactions to each of their own beliefs. For example, who controls the world? How do you acquire infinite mystical knowledge? And the big one; did you know we live on a flat Earth……? DITRH will undoubtedly pose some questions you might not want to ask and it will also retrace some old topics of which you might already be aware. One thing is for certain; once you head down the rabbit hole it will be hard to climb back out


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