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I’ve noticed a lot of people posting “You Know it’s cold when you go outside and it’s cold” Memes.  “Super Wit”, but also very true at this time of year, and I really enjoy a good woolly hat and scarf so, bonus!  I traveled back to my home town of Chepstow in Wales this week to


Anna Nicole Smith died in mysterious circumstances, and researcher Freeman Marshall has an interesting theory that surrounds not just her death but Hollywood, the Illuminati and Satanic Sex cults!  You may pour scorn on conspiracy theorist or indulge in their ideas, whatever your views this video will provoke some kind of reaction.   www.veryfunkyrecords.com


Bill Burr’s Podcast

Most Mondays I listen to a host of Podcats from my subscriptions.  One that always sticks out in my mind is “The Monday Morning Podcast” with comedian and actor Bill Burr.  Hailing from Boston, USA he is now very much a staple part of the comedy circuit in the US and also here in the UK.


Make a Movie for $9000 Hurricane Arthur through Instagram users Adjectives that start with the letter V         www.veryfunkyrecords.com  

Go Funk Yourself

Finally an X-men movie has arrived that doesn’t punch you in the stomach take your money and leave you with the same empty feeling Andy Dufresne received after failing to fight off the prison sisters.  A plot with so many potential loop holes “Days Of Future Past” does well to hold to together the time

Duck Tales

“Hardly any Free Downloads today so you’ll just have to fucking go and buy these fucking tracks your fucking self if you fucking like ’em.”   KGB Map of Alien Basses on Earth Widow losses home over $6 Income Tax and National Insurance Calculator UK   @DuckSauceNYC This is the second “Duck Sauce” related post

Go Funk Yourself

The summer Movie trailer explosion is happening all around us.  The most recent is X Men – “Days of Future Past”.  I hope it turns out to be good, as X – Men 3, “The Last Stand”, was directed by Brett Ratner, but with input from Brian Singer who directed the first two X-Men movies and


Yo Yo Yo! We’re very happy to announce www.veryfunkyrecords.com has found a new residence in Brighton.  Every Friday @ Maloolah Bah.  We present “GO FUNK YOURSELF”.  Brighton’s most exciting new Friday night free event.  We build the night slowly with some Classic Funk and Disco from such artists as James Brown, MJ, Chic, Fred Wesley

Goodbye Egon

Here is another Hollywood actor and entertainer who has seemingly passed on to soon.  My favorite “Harold Ramis” film, possibly my favorite film ever is ‘Ground Hog Day’.  Ironically a movie about the same day happening over and over again, and it is the film I watch most over and over again.  ‘Egon’ from ‘Ghost