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Disco Tech

Swedish DJ/Producer bringing disco vibes with cheeky re-works and some slow jam original grooves.  A selection for your disco yearning ears below. A lot of people tweek tracks and post em on Soundcloud, this in-turn brings about complaints from all kinds of douche bags not happy with re-edits.  To these moaning few I say “shut

Don’t D’ley get your free Specimen A and B

Two tracks from Specimen A, one of which is a collaboration with James D’ley. Trap trap trap trap trap tarp trap – When I first heard of Trap Music I though “Don’t you open that Trap Door!”*  If you were born in the 90’s or outside the UK that will mean absolutely nothing to you.  ‘Shut your Trap’

Dajaé & Full Intention – What Do You Want (Vocal Mix)

Lack of information regarding exact release date on this little gem. 2002 anyone?  If you have been following ‘VFR’ posts at all you will notice hazy info crops up every now and then.  The fact remains however, the vocal on this record would pierce a crowd like Robin Hood’s arrow, infecting the whole club with a

Big Trouble In Little Brighton – Past Flyers and Events

Check out some of the past posters we ran for “BTILB”.  Think of all the wonderful thoughts running through our heads in those years gone by.  The future lay ahead who knew we would end up here!




Monarch Vision



Miguel Migs ‘The Distance feat. Aya’

Saturday morning with a cold. I spent the night unable to sleep and stumbled across Miguel Migs and his new album “Outside The Skyline”.  To be honest Miguel had dropped under my radar over the last six months, so I was delighted to find this album available on his site.  Migs is a master when