Miguel Migs ‘The Distance feat. Aya’

Saturday morning with a cold. I spent the night unable to sleep and stumbled across Miguel Migs and his new album “Outside The Skyline”.  To be honest Miguel had dropped under my radar over the last six months, so I was delighted to find this album available on his site.  Migs is a master when constructing smooth funky discofied house grooves and this being Veryfunkyrecords.com any of his tracks could be suited.  I have chosen “The Distance”, with the lazy benevolence of the opening bass line and the almost oily guitar lick that runs stead fast all the way through, this is the best track on the album and is classic Miguel Migs.  If your looking for a cross over album then look else where don’t expect Outside The Skyline to flood the UK charts in any capacity.  In fact I couldn’t even buy it on the UK Amazon site.  However this guy is well respect across the board and loved by disco house purist, along the same line as  as Jamie Lewis you might say.

He is also a decent chap, I had the pleasure of interviewing him in Bristol in 2007 when he was performing with Lisa Shaw, his longtime collaborator and vocalist, who features heavily on the album.  On the day I had naively imagined the interview starting with me complementing Migs on all his achievements to which he would laugh insainley and say “Yes AJ your right now come and have this fat line and join me in the DJ box and we can play back to back for the duration of my set”.

No such luck, he was, very polite and as we sat in the garden outside in the cold Lisa Shaw looked on with the odd laugh and we discussed his music and life in general.

Visit www.miguelmigs.com for full album preview and purchase.