Monthly archives: April, 2013

The Tramps – Disco Inferno

  The greatest Disco track of all time?  Not sure? But one of the most prolific, possibly.  Coupled with the album‘Saturday Night Fever’ and the movie of the same name this was and still is a behemoth.  It could also be one of the contributing factors to the so called down fall of disco.  The back

Record shopping with Matt Harding – Love is the Answer

I remember sometime in 2002 I was record shopping in Cardiff with Matt Harding, and I mean physically walking to a store and buying records. You know, ‘old skool’.  At the time me and Matt were DJ-ing and hanging out a lot buying the same records.  This could often prove a problem if we DJ-ed

Rob Williams – Jazz Vibe

Rob Williams makes his debut with this solid slab of uncompromising Disco House!  The young Welsh man has dropped out of the ether with a bouncy nod to the “vocal talkie bits” in a breakdown, often serving as a call to arms directed into the ears of the ravers on the floor.  For another example

DJ Dan and DJ Mes – “I Got It”

I am reminded of the late 90’s and early 00’s with much of the disco house being produced at the moment.  I was happy to discover this little gem constructed by the ‘all powerful’ DJ Mes.  This American producer has done it more than many times, coupled with DJ Dan, another Guest House hero.  Don’t

Akabu feat Alex Mills “Everybody Wants Something” Joey Negro Strip Mix

If you’re into Dance music it’s hard not to like a production from Joey Negro, AKA Dave Lee, AKA……’Insert latest project name here’.  (Bradd Shitt is my favourite).  A guy who embraces dance music roots more than anyone.  If Dave Lee had a time machine, I reckon he would head back to the days of