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GENERATION NOW – The Fun’Intentional Good Time Party –

Competition Competition Competition Competition Competition…..etc etc! On the 6th Feb we’re holding the first of many “Generation Now” parties at venues in Brighton over the course of 2015 and beyond. As a reader of this blog we’re giving you the chance to attend for free!  If you would like to come and party with us


A Bristol based DJ that I happen to be friends with on Facebook re-posted the new compilation album ad from @petetong.  With the letters “lol” attached to the post.  “Ok, I’m in, lets have a little look see”  I clicked the link and Pete’s face starred back at me “Classics” read the title – I


My girlfriend and I traveled to France last weekend and two things have become abundantly clear from our time spent in the romantic city of Paris.  1. Roller Blades are very much still in fashion in France.  2.  So are roll neck sweaters.  We walked and walked and walked all day long, using the Metro,

Some times you just don’t realise that a 2 meter purchase from IKEA won’t fit into your tinted window Audi.  “Maybe we can squeeze it in….?  Yes maybe we can”. Christians Warn Of False Christ Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Sequel On Netflix! New Game “Destiny” – The Original and now de-funcked story line from a Reddit

All You Need Is Love

As a kid I would watch hundreds of Disney and Kids films, recorded and labeled by my father.  One such movie was “Herbie The Love Bug”.  A ridiculous story about a car with a heart.  The film introduced me to Buddy Hackett the tiny comedian with the raspy voice and squiffy eye.  The film also

A Million Ways To Pun This Movie Title

Not even Gilbert Gottfred dressed as Abe Lincoln   could save this movie.  “Err what If I had something in this hand, and it made you forget whatever was in that hand, suddenly you thought, what was that?”  How about an original script that worked you fucking assholes.  Before you run to the cinema and

Straight To Video – Episode 1

www.froguts.com – Online Bio-e Learning company focused on creating the most engaging virtual dissection. Trentham Monkey Forest – UK The Red Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave. www.thesartorialist.com – The world of real street fashion.   www.veryfunkyrecords.com

Go Funk Yourself

The summer Movie trailer explosion is happening all around us.  The most recent is X Men – “Days of Future Past”.  I hope it turns out to be good, as X – Men 3, “The Last Stand”, was directed by Brett Ratner, but with input from Brian Singer who directed the first two X-Men movies and

Go Funk Yourself

I listened to a story on Coast To Coast AM about Hitler at the culmination of the second world war.  Most people except the idea that Hitler cowardly took his own life hours before the Russians arrived in Berlin, along with his long term lover  ‘Eva Braun’ and two Alsation dogs (what a real bastard). The Coast