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A Bristol based DJ that I happen to be friends with on Facebook re-posted the new compilation album ad from @petetong.  With the letters “lol” attached to the post.  “Ok, I’m in, lets have a little look see”  I clicked the link and Pete’s face starred back at me “Classics” read the title – I

Four To The Floor – Episode 34

If you live in the UK or have watched BBC 3 from your country you may have come across a show called “The Call Centre”.  A delightful fly on the wall style series filmed in Swansea, Wales, UK.  The premise is simple, the show documents everyday live in a company called “Save Britain Money“. Company

Rob Williams – Jazz Vibe

Rob Williams makes his debut with this solid slab of uncompromising Disco House!  The young Welsh man has dropped out of the ether with a bouncy nod to the “vocal talkie bits” in a breakdown, often serving as a call to arms directed into the ears of the ravers on the floor.  For another example