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The Caravan Club – Ep 1

DJ’s who enjoyed the funkier side of House Music in the early 00’s will have undoubtedly come across the following track selection.  Vinyl was still king and you could expect to pay £5 to £8 for a white label, unless of course you were lucky enough to get records sent to you for free!  

Daft Punk – Homework

‘Get Lucky’ is givin it the big one on the dance floors everywhere but ‘Around The World’ still remains the most complete funk filtered “Daft Disco”  to ever flood your ears…  Ready for the year?  1997.  Video is still awesome.  ‘Burnin’ was another big track from the album ‘Homework’ along with ‘Da Funk’.   Daft

Kid Créme Featuring Shawnee Taylor Austin’s Groove (Let Me Live)

Robot dancing behind the decks springs to mind when this behemoth of a track was fixed onto to the black 1210’s in 2003.  I was under the spell of House music that year, nothing was more important.  I bought this track in HMV and I remember forking out the £7.99 without so much as thought.  I have

Record shopping with Matt Harding – Love is the Answer

I remember sometime in 2002 I was record shopping in Cardiff with Matt Harding, and I mean physically walking to a store and buying records. You know, ‘old skool’.  At the time me and Matt were DJ-ing and hanging out a lot buying the same records.  This could often prove a problem if we DJ-ed

Dajaé & Full Intention – What Do You Want (Vocal Mix)

Lack of information regarding exact release date on this little gem. 2002 anyone?  If you have been following ‘VFR’ posts at all you will notice hazy info crops up every now and then.  The fact remains however, the vocal on this record would pierce a crowd like Robin Hood’s arrow, infecting the whole club with a

Kojak – You Can’t Stop it

This was/is an instant classic Disco/Funk/House behemoth of a track that oozes sex, cocaine booze and rampant frolicking possibly in a purple pimp hat……..Well that’s how I see it anyway.  Sampled from ‘The Crusaders – Spiral’ on Blue Thumb 1976.   Album: “Crime in the City” Label:  ‘Pro-Zak Trax 1999’ Kojak – You Can’t Stop it