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GO FUNK YOURSELF Sunday 29th May

If you follow any of our posts or regularly visit our Facebook Page, you might be aware of the awesome event known as “Go Funk Yourself”.  So awesome is it in fact, that it titles not only a series of parties organised and promoted by Very Funky Records at pubs and bars around Brighton, London and


Anna Nicole Smith died in mysterious circumstances, and researcher Freeman Marshall has an interesting theory that surrounds not just her death but Hollywood, the Illuminati and Satanic Sex cults!  You may pour scorn on conspiracy theorist or indulge in their ideas, whatever your views this video will provoke some kind of reaction.   www.veryfunkyrecords.com



Make a Movie for $9000 Hurricane Arthur through Instagram users Adjectives that start with the letter V         www.veryfunkyrecords.com  

Four To The Floor – Episode 30

Another late night, but minus the pharmaceuticals, thank God.  I sit here at 4:51 AM and I have discovered internet on my TV through my XBOX 360. How wonderful technology has become now, I can view the internet through my television screen, as well as my laptop screen, and my phone screen! All the while

Go Funk Yourself

BLAH BLAH BLAH DISCO…. This whole post is basically absurdly good Disco re-edits and rmx’s all DJ friendly and the majority are free to download. Some great producers out there proving that if Disco is still sucking, its from the teat of musical production success.  The most important question on my lips today… Who is