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Back on point after a short break! So, what happened? Not much to speak of but we do suggest checking out Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole. This is a podcast tip for whoever wants to laugh and also dip their toe into the dark, murky and, at times, bizarre world of conspiracy. ‘DITRH’ is a

FOUR TO THE FLOOR – Episode 45

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Four To The Floor Ep 32

The death of Phillip Seymore Hoffman was indeed very sad, for his family, friends and anyone who knew him.  It was also a tragedy for the world of cinema because Hoffman was an immense character actor who although an Oscar winner still had many years to entertain millions of people, who knows where his next

Chicken Jacket – End Times

In the UK some genius has decided it is a good idea to give Chickens, yes Chickens, their own jackets – High-Vis jackets to be precise.  Is there a clearer sign that we have reached the end times?  Super logic to be sure! “Before we kill our chickens, lets protect our chickens from being killed”.