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The Beard Kings

Beard Facts: 1 Peter the Great, enamored of Western ways, encouraged cleanshavenness among Russians by imposing a tax on beards. Noblemen paid 100 rubles a year for a medallion that served as a beard license and carried the inscription: “The beard is a useless burden.”  2 Talk about being “in the cross hairs.” In the early ’60s,

Go Funk Yourself

Frank Sinatra had four wives in his life time, was widely known to be a womaniser, could be a nasty drunk and had ties to the mob. Yet he was one of the western worlds biggest stars, appeared in multiple movies and had a gang of similarly famous Hollywood types known world wide as the

Goodbye Egon

Here is another Hollywood actor and entertainer who has seemingly passed on to soon.  My favorite “Harold Ramis” film, possibly my favorite film ever is ‘Ground Hog Day’.  Ironically a movie about the same day happening over and over again, and it is the film I watch most over and over again.  ‘Egon’ from ‘Ghost

The Caravan Club – Ep 1

DJ’s who enjoyed the funkier side of House Music in the early 00’s will have undoubtedly come across the following track selection.  Vinyl was still king and you could expect to pay £5 to £8 for a white label, unless of course you were lucky enough to get records sent to you for free!