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Four To The Floor – Episode 46

The dog name “Pug” translated into German is “Mop”.  Delightfully absurd as the English version, possibly even better…  It’s hard not to like Pugs or Mops, squashed crumpled faces with a constant sniffing and breathing that you might liken to some kind of troll or cave dweller.  Yet these traits only serve to make them

Go Funk Yourself

Finally an X-men movie has arrived that doesn’t punch you in the stomach take your money and leave you with the same empty feeling Andy Dufresne received after failing to fight off the prison sisters.  A plot with so many potential loop holes “Days Of Future Past” does well to hold to together the time

The Beard Kings

Beard Facts: 1 Peter the Great, enamored of Western ways, encouraged cleanshavenness among Russians by imposing a tax on beards. Noblemen paid 100 rubles a year for a medallion that served as a beard license and carried the inscription: “The beard is a useless burden.”  2 Talk about being “in the cross hairs.” In the early ’60s,