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Better late than never!  Happy New Year to you!   MIXES – PODCASTS www.veryfunkyrecords.com


Make a Movie for $9000 Hurricane Arthur through Instagram users Adjectives that start with the letter V         www.veryfunkyrecords.com  

A Million Ways To Pun This Movie Title

Not even Gilbert Gottfred dressed as Abe Lincoln   could save this movie.  “Err what If I had something in this hand, and it made you forget whatever was in that hand, suddenly you thought, what was that?”  How about an original script that worked you fucking assholes.  Before you run to the cinema and

Undercover Boss

Undercover boss is a wonderful bit of PR.  If you own a medium to large organisation, have a penchant for a wee bit of espionage and want to ultimately come across as the most generous, switched on and empathetic Director ever? Sign up your Hotel Chain, Fast food Joint or Gym brand now.  The  tiny problems you

Go Funk Yourself…

Ron Burgundy is everywhere! Promoting the Dodge Durango, presenting an award to Eminem at the recent EMAs and even riding a bike through the streets with Daft Punk.  His continued presence is a subtle reminder for us all to stay classy. B Side – Doin It Right Alphabetcity -Mtume – So You Wanna Be A