Monthly archives: June, 2014

Go Funk Yourself

Finally an X-men movie has arrived that doesn’t punch you in the stomach take your money and leave you with the same empty feeling Andy Dufresne received after failing to fight off the prison sisters.  A plot with so many potential loop holes “Days Of Future Past” does well to hold to together the time

Four To The Floor – Episode 38

A Page boy fainted at the recent Queen’s speech in the House of Lords in the UK.  As funny as these public fainting events are the Queen didn’t hardly batt an eyelid, continuing with her address with apparently zero regard for the young chap.  The moment was unfortunately missed by the camera, but you can

A Million Ways To Pun This Movie Title

Not even Gilbert Gottfred dressed as Abe Lincoln   could save this movie.  “Err what If I had something in this hand, and it made you forget whatever was in that hand, suddenly you thought, what was that?”  How about an original script that worked you fucking assholes.  Before you run to the cinema and