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We all wanna have fun

One day, about 15 years ago, my Dad and I sat down in front of the TV and began to watch Batman (Micheal Keaton version) and in my opinion, still the best Bat.  My Dad looked at me and said, “I remember this when it was released in the cinema, you begged me to take you”.  In the end he didn’t

Dee Scott – LDN Bad Boy V1

“Shake those hips and roll those shoulders, nod that head and bowl em over”! I enjoyed this track so much I wrote that short poem to describe a persons actions when hearing this song possibly for the first time “in da club”?  I haven’t been so excited about a drum pattern since I heard “Oscar

Samir Maslo – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

This is a track title that jumps off the page even if it turns out not to be a rework of the “Macfadden Whitehead” classic, but this is and we welcome it, and the producer Samir Maslo.  Some nice little disco production touches in the remix although the original track DNA is plain to see.

Four To The Floor – Episode 3

1 2 3 4 TRACKS WE LIKE THIS WEEK! 1 2 3 word reviews – In Red CN Williams – Reverend Run Diss (Original Twisted Phunk Mix)  – Twisted Sermon Funk – Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  Reel House Records Televisor – Old Skool | Monstercat (Remix comp for this track now open! Details in description)

I’m sorry- (Unouzbeck-edit)

Comb that Afro, un-safety your weapon run down the sidewalk then karate chop any mother who steps in your way.  Pray to Pam Grier and snort some blow.  Yeah that’s what this track is basically communicating…       I’m sorry-( unouzbeck-edit )  MySpace  my podcast  my dj set  my page

Once You Pop Weekly – Ep 4

This week 4 electric  pop numbers and 2 from ‘VFR’ favorites Viceroy, and Bit Funk.  A dancie feel for “Once You Pop”, maybe it was the lack of doing so over the past weekend, unfortunately I was contacted by the ‘CIA’ and ‘MI6’ and given orders to investigate Uri Geller not only to find out about his past

Solidisco // Steed Lord

  Free Download again here from “Solidisco” – Some producers are getting very generous with their high quality material.  I can’t decide if its the disco guitar, the break beat drums or the totally fucking awesome repeated “Go Go Go Go Go” into the drop that makes this a must have for any Disco House

Four To The Floor Week 1 Episode 2

1 2 3 4 FOUR TRACKS WE REALLY LIKE.. 1 2 3  word review….     Classic Vocal Goodness… Afropeans – Better Things (Syke’n’Sugarstarr Mix)   Atmospheric Orchestrial Disco… Arco & Andrea Fiorino – Lover (Mjuzieek Digital)   Big-sound Oldskool Drums… (almost three) LADY LAGO-MAGENTA ( PORTO SELVAGGIO BEACH MIX)   Piano Happy  Times…  EARPHONE

Daft Punk – Homework

‘Get Lucky’ is givin it the big one on the dance floors everywhere but ‘Around The World’ still remains the most complete funk filtered “Daft Disco”  to ever flood your ears…  Ready for the year?  1997.  Video is still awesome.  ‘Burnin’ was another big track from the album ‘Homework’ along with ‘Da Funk’.   Daft

Pryda – Layers

How can this record fail?  I suspect it is going straight to the top of the dance floor charts all over the world. Layers has two sounds going on.  The laser like synths and the building block bass line, not much else.  The simple nature of many Eric Prydz’s records is also his apparent key