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Yo Yo Yo! We’re very happy to announce www.veryfunkyrecords.com has found a new residence in Brighton.  Every Friday @ Maloolah Bah.  We present “GO FUNK YOURSELF”.  Brighton’s most exciting new Friday night free event.  We build the night slowly with some Classic Funk and Disco from such artists as James Brown, MJ, Chic, Fred Wesley

Go Funk Yourself

When is it OK to start listening to Christmas music?  I found myself in the kitchen chopping an aubergine and actively singing an x-mas number today, being careful not to chop of an index finger between “Saturday Knife Fever”.  Although TV in the UK has been broadcasting Christmas propaganda since November I have held back

Four To The Floor – Episode 3

1 2 3 4 TRACKS WE LIKE THIS WEEK! 1 2 3 word reviews – In Red CN Williams – Reverend Run Diss (Original Twisted Phunk Mix)  – Twisted Sermon Funk – https://soundcloud.com/cnwilliams/cn-williams-reverend-run-diss  www.reelhousefm.com Facebook  Twitter  YouTube  Reel House Records Televisor – Old Skool | Monstercat (Remix comp for this track now open! Details in description)