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Usual Suspects Bank Holiday Flyer circa 2004

This was a cool flyer from 2004 in Swansea, at the time I was in university and DJ-ing three nights a week.  I seem to remember this was from a bank holiday Sunday and they were always messy.  I can’t believe this was almost 10 years ago.     Designed by @alithehorse   www.veryfunkyrecords.com

Z Records Double

I am always delighted when Z records drop some new tunes on us because the style is unmistakable.  The vision and clarity of the label is pure disco house, crisp and well engineered just like the fictional blue meth in the that popular AMC TV show.  Maybe Dave Lee is the silent task master watching through

Gorgon City – Freeze

Completely un-related to cheese but I can’t help but think of  a cheese metropolis upon reading the ‘Gorgon City’.  Maybe they’re referencing the late 90’s movie Small Soldiers and the put upon protagonists the Gorgonites.  Somehow this dark and brooding track represents their plight.  The strained voice of the vocalists singing “Freeze” almost sounds like please,

Maker – Funky Spider (Original Mix)

Who doesn’t like a down tempo disco number where nothing much happens apart from atmospheric synths and rumbling rolling bass?  Not me!  This is a pleasant start to my Friday morning at 9:34 am, like a DJ set as the club is opening, you’re caught in limbo land. What do I play?  Something not so

Fer BR – The Tech Funk Side

  Swirly dramatic tech funk on the unsurprisingly named “The Tech Funk Side”. This driving endless merry-go-round of horns and happy-ness just keeps on truckin unashamedly, and you should love it unashamedly too. The purposeful and seemingly endless horns will capitulate your urges to reach the bar, the toilet or anywhere else other than the center

Don’t D’ley get your free Specimen A and B

Two tracks from Specimen A, one of which is a collaboration with James D’ley. Trap trap trap trap trap tarp trap – When I first heard of Trap Music I though “Don’t you open that Trap Door!”*  If you were born in the 90’s or outside the UK that will mean absolutely nothing to you.  ‘Shut your Trap’

The Tramps – Disco Inferno

  The greatest Disco track of all time?  Not sure? But one of the most prolific, possibly.  Coupled with the album‘Saturday Night Fever’ and the movie of the same name this was and still is a behemoth.  It could also be one of the contributing factors to the so called down fall of disco.  The back

Rob Williams – Jazz Vibe

Rob Williams makes his debut with this solid slab of uncompromising Disco House!  The young Welsh man has dropped out of the ether with a bouncy nod to the “vocal talkie bits” in a breakdown, often serving as a call to arms directed into the ears of the ravers on the floor.  For another example

DJ Mes, Sonny Fodera – No Jet Lag EP

I was completely blown away by this track.  Becoming attracted to the little blighter while trawling through Traxsource on Saturday afternoon.  Never judge a book by it’s cover they say but in my opinion that holds little water when dance music is concerned.  The name jumped from the page “No Jet Lag” just standing there