Don’t D’ley get your free Specimen A and B

Two tracks from Specimen A, one of which is a collaboration with James D’ley.

Trap trap trap trap trap tarp trap – When I first heard of Trap Music I though “Don’t you open that Trap Door!”*  If you were born in the 90’s or outside the UK that will mean absolutely nothing to you.  ‘Shut your Trap’ is a well produced of the moment, shall we say “specimen”.  It gives pure house lovers a chance to embrace the new whilst at the same time firmly latching on to the past.

A sample from “Lost in Music” that would other wise be “lost in the Muisc” of millions of other remixes has been cleverly adapted into the new musical genre.  Also sporting a sneaky ‘Snopp‘ sample and who hasn’t got love for the D.O.GG.

Although ‘specimen A’ has done very well to shine a spotlight on this track with tight production values the question is will the light on Trap as a whole fizzle and fade into darkness.  I suspect not but as it’s own entity it will struggle.  It will probably just become a part of the producer’s arsenal in the future or the go to for dramatic pacing on the dance floor with genre blurring DJ’s.  Free Downloads from Specimen A and James Dley, below…

Shut Your Trap


Specimen A – Shut Your Trap (Funkatech Records)


James Dley and Specimen A have given ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ a cheeky little over haul and as with “Shut Your Trap” above sticking to the original script is key to producing a nice upfront remix.  Just enough to give the new fledgling clubber something to recognise and sneakily lead them into a merry dance.  In this case it’s ‘HBFS’ melded with an Electro orgy that The Honda ASIMO Robot would “probably want to get in on”.


HBFS - Specimen A - James D'ley


Daft Punk – ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’ Specimen A and James Dley (Refix)



Trap Door TV Theme


Trap Door Music Video (Full Song)