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Four To The Floor – Episode 37

 1. Orangutans are native to Indonesia and Malaysia on the Islands of Borneo and Sumatra.  2. The word Orangutan comes the Malay language which means “person of the forest”.  3.  In the wild Orangutans may live up to 45 years or more.  4.  There are believed to be just over 60,000 Orangutans left in the


Yo Yo Yo! We’re very happy to announce www.veryfunkyrecords.com has found a new residence in Brighton.  Every Friday @ Maloolah Bah.  We present “GO FUNK YOURSELF”.  Brighton’s most exciting new Friday night free event.  We build the night slowly with some Classic Funk and Disco from such artists as James Brown, MJ, Chic, Fred Wesley

Four To The Floor Ep 32

The death of Phillip Seymore Hoffman was indeed very sad, for his family, friends and anyone who knew him.  It was also a tragedy for the world of cinema because Hoffman was an immense character actor who although an Oscar winner still had many years to entertain millions of people, who knows where his next

Four To The Floor – Episode 19

Master Chef goes in the bag along with other shit UK TV, including  X-Factor, I’m a celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and now officially the most life force sucking once a week TV event – Film 2013!  How can two people make all movies, ever made, sound so unappealing?  Eyeliner enthusiast, Claudia Winkleman and

Four To The Floor – Episode 18

More ‘Rock With You’ rmx’s, in fact I’m sure I have posted the Miguel Migs bootleg in the past.  In other news, everyone thinks DJ Sneak is a cunt.  According to a recent Mixmag post he did some major complaining on Twitter about the ‘East Village Arts Club’ in Liverpool being shit.  Have you goggled DJ Sneak

Nu Disco Downloads…

Have a listen to these juicy free offerings from some  quality ‘Nu Disco’ producers. If your anything like me  you’ve spent the last three weeks consistently playing ‘GTA 5’ till 3 am in the morning.  Your ready to walk out the door club someone to death and steal away their 2004 Black Ford Focus with

Once You Pop Weekly – Ep 4

This week 4 electric  pop numbers and 2 from ‘VFR’ favorites Viceroy, and Bit Funk.  A dancie feel for “Once You Pop”, maybe it was the lack of doing so over the past weekend, unfortunately I was contacted by the ‘CIA’ and ‘MI6’ and given orders to investigate Uri Geller not only to find out about his past

Option4 – Do Work (Bit Funk Remix)

  Option4 is an interesting name, the wif of missed opportunity lurks ever present with the possible nagging regret that 1 2 or 3 could have been just as good a choice.  From Denver Colorado, USA, real name Brennen Bryarly.  This is another reminder that EDM has become a global phenomenon. Plus a collaboration with the masterful Bit Funk.