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Go Funk Yourself

The summer Movie trailer explosion is happening all around us.  The most recent is X Men – “Days of Future Past”.  I hope it turns out to be good, as X – Men 3, “The Last Stand”, was directed by Brett Ratner, but with input from Brian Singer who directed the first two X-Men movies and

FOUR TO THE FLOOR – Episode 36

Only in Canada can an elected official (Rob Ford – pictured) admit to smoking crack cocaine and remain in office.   Hobbit Actor caught with 12 Gs

Undercover Boss

Undercover boss is a wonderful bit of PR.  If you own a medium to large organisation, have a penchant for a wee bit of espionage and want to ultimately come across as the most generous, switched on and empathetic Director ever? Sign up your Hotel Chain, Fast food Joint or Gym brand now.  The  tiny problems you

Four To The Floor – Episode 35

Game Of Thrones is so satisfying this week. Does this Light on Mars prove we’re not alone in the Universe? Mr Warf….Warp Speed!

Lazy Sunday

All Day In Bed!   Women who have sex before marriage should be hanged says Indian Politician An Amsterdam sex blogger’s advice for first-timers: Check the Inner Workings of an AT-AT Walker

Go Funk Yourself

1. Arnold’s middle name is Alois.  2.  At his biggest, he stood just under 6’2″ and weighed over 250 pounds.  3.  He had an older brother, Meinhard, who died in 1971. He helped support his brother’s son, who is now a lawyer in Los Angeles.  4.  He is best friends with fellow bodybuilding legend Franco Columbu,

A Problem Like Maria…

Another expenses scandal has come to light in the past week, this time involving The Culture secretary Maria Miller here in the United Kingdom, she has since resigned from her position.  A week ago she stood in British Parliament and apologised for her actions, as she had illegally claimed £45,000 pounds for a second home.

Four To The Floor – Episode 34

If you live in the UK or have watched BBC 3 from your country you may have come across a show called “The Call Centre”.  A delightful fly on the wall style series filmed in Swansea, Wales, UK.  The premise is simple, the show documents everyday live in a company called “Save Britain Money“. Company

Go Funk Yourself

Game Of Thrones is back and as predicted it is instantly rewarding and frustrating at the culmination of show no 1.  After the first episode of season 4  I just wanted to dive on into the next. Unfortunately now I have to hang around for a week, stuck in the mundane sword-fight lacking world of

Four To The Floor – Episode 33

I remember a time when I was riding a train up the Yungfrow in Switzerland.  It was to be my first attempt at skiing, my family and I sat in the deathly slow train as it climbed up and past trees, rocks and green and grey landscapes that soon gave way to a light dusting