Go Funk Yourself – Goat Smoking Pipe – Open Mic

We have been promoting and organising a regular Open Mic event in Brighton.  It began life as “I Said Open Mic Not Goat Smoking Pipe” at Neighbourhood Bar in the city on Thursdays.  I admit the name was a bit of a mouthful.  We then hot footed the event over to Revolution Bar every Tuesday

Go Funk Yourself

1. Arnold’s middle name is Alois.  2.  At his biggest, he stood just under 6’2″ and weighed over 250 pounds.  3.  He had an older brother, Meinhard, who died in 1971. He helped support his brother’s son, who is now a lawyer in Los Angeles.  4.  He is best friends with fellow bodybuilding legend Franco Columbu,

Go Funk Yourself

A week last Saturday my girlfriend and I had a party at our flat.  Nothing major, four invited guests.  Everyone arrived around 10:30 and the party began, music, merriment and joyous bonhomie took place for two and half hours, we organised my trusty “Nad amplifier” and “Jamo” floor standing speakers next to the laptop.  No decks this particular