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Four To The Floor – Episode 41

Want some party style  disco tunes for your battle weapons collection? “Oooh La La, C’est magnifque”.   How To Roast A Duck Saltwater Crocodile Information/Facts WWW.BEATLAB.COM     www.veryfunkyrecords.com

Four To The Floor – Ep 40 – SNOOP EDITION

“WestFestTV is my new favorite Youtube channel” – A weed smoker Garfield Comic’s Minus Garfield Titan Fall – XBOX ONE walk through Have Fun With Russian Grammar This Snoop Dogg and PSY collaboration (Hangover) is possibly the worst song ever created, or, it is so high concept the rest of the world just can’t fathom

Four To The Floor – Episode 31

2006 was the year I wanted to move to Canada.  I spent three months in the United States working at a Summer Camp and I had planed to travel into the “Great White North” at the end of the summer season.  My decision not to go in the final months of 2006 has haunted me

Four To The Floor – Episode 30

Another late night, but minus the pharmaceuticals, thank God.  I sit here at 4:51 AM and I have discovered internet on my TV through my XBOX 360. How wonderful technology has become now, I can view the internet through my television screen, as well as my laptop screen, and my phone screen! All the while

Four To The Floor – Episode 15

Three word reviews:   24 Hour Shopping – Milty Evans Blondie – Rmx – Yes In Front Of Our Friends (feat. Monarchy) (Disco Mix) Right – Angle – Bass The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (Elliots Edit) European – Bob – Sorted The Dankles – Bound 2 (222 Oceans bootleg) – Kanye West  Better – Than