Four To The Floor – Episode 31

2006 was the year I wanted to move to Canada.  I spent three months in the United States working at a Summer Camp and I had planed to travel into the “Great White North” at the end of the summer season.  My decision not to go in the final months of 2006 has haunted me ever since, and ranks as a “what if” moment.  The experience in the US was excellent and wonderful and something I will never forget,  and often I feel the nagging paws of the memories I am missing from an experience that could have been.  Now in 2014 I am subjected to regular images from a school friend on Facebook.  He appears to be living the life in Canada I had planned over six years ago.  He regularly post photos of snow covered mountains, the Canadian streets and his life.  The main image is a window into his current world, a tree flanked piste or run (my terminology is hazy) and as I look on as a regular observer Paul continues to feed my imagination with majestic landscapes and photographs of everyday Canadian activities.  A total of nine images that are particularly eye catching are also posted, and it is clear I am possibly becoming a Facebook stalker.


“Piste Off”


Paul Giles Photography

 Snowboard Fail – Russia

Mountain Biking – BC