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Go Funk Yourself

For anyone based in Brighton Sussex, UK.  “VFR” headquarters!  We’re launching a new “Goat Smoking” Open Mic at Revolution Brighton on Tuesday evenings.  Since March of this year (2015) we have been running an extremely fun and successful open mic style event at a small but very cool local bar “Neighbourhood” in Kemptown.  “I said

Four To The Floor – Episode 29

A couple of real monsters in today’s post.  The “Wonka-Vision”  freebie is a floor blaster and I am also really fond of  “Fat Sushi” – Suck It.  The rest is all high quality as standard.  Saddam Hussein a monster of a different kind in the image below, he was a dictator of some considerable note

Four To The Floor Episode 25

The period between Christmas and NYE is always strange, a kind of limbo land where drinking is encouraged.  Drinking, eating, partying and watching movies and TV!  This is the first year in a long while I will not be DJ-ing, so I feel even more inadequate, wasting away on the sofa watching endless episodes of

Four To The Floor – Episode 24

Before anyone makes any comments, there is a Pitbull record in this post, just to warn you.  I am aware that some people out there actually dislike Pitbull!  They would probably like to call themselves “Hipsters”  and wouldn’t even feed him if he was stranded in the desert.  Also a nearly new Avicii edit, ‘Miami

Go Funk Yourself

BLAH BLAH BLAH DISCO…. This whole post is basically absurdly good Disco re-edits and rmx’s all DJ friendly and the majority are free to download. Some great producers out there proving that if Disco is still sucking, its from the teat of musical production success.  The most important question on my lips today… Who is