Four To The Floor – Episode 24

Before anyone makes any comments, there is a Pitbull record in this post, just to warn you.  I am aware that some people out there actually dislike Pitbull!  They would probably like to call themselves “Hipsters”  and wouldn’t even feed him if he was stranded in the desert.  Also a nearly new Avicii edit, ‘Miami 82’, make of that what you will.  Couple of Drum N Bass tracks involved and Dubstep. ‘Frequent – Fragmented’ is a monster of deep dark electrical sounds, almost like ‘Star Scream’ chatting with a bunch of Decepticons…  Referencing Transformers so close to Christmas seems obligatory, Merry Christmas Funkers…

#HasJustineLanded If you want a lesson in how not to use Twitter follow this Hastag link.

"I've got a bulging sack..."

“I’ve got a bulging sack…”

Ray Charles ‘Merry Christmas Baby’ 1979