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Top Gear – No Idea

“A Top Gear hot tip…” the hilarious joke that spluttered out of James May’s mouth on the Monday night new episode of Top Gear in UK.  Jeremy had “hilariously” attached two pizza’s to Richard Hammond’s body and attempted to set the pizzas on fire.  Proving…Something or another.  In between the car sections the scripted vacuous

Four To The Floor Ep 32

The death of Phillip Seymore Hoffman was indeed very sad, for his family, friends and anyone who knew him.  It was also a tragedy for the world of cinema because Hoffman was an immense character actor who although an Oscar winner still had many years to entertain millions of people, who knows where his next

Deadlift Disco – Episode 3

Grandpa: Are you gettin’ any? Richard: Dad! Grandpa: You can tell me, Dwayne. Are you gettin’ any? Richard: Come on, please. Grandpa: [Dwayne shakes his head] No? Jesus. You’re what? Fifteen? My God, man! Richard: Dad! Grandpa: You should be gettin’ that young stuff. Richard: Dad! Grandpa: That young stuff is the best stuff in

Four To The Floor – Episode 31

2006 was the year I wanted to move to Canada.  I spent three months in the United States working at a Summer Camp and I had planed to travel into the “Great White North” at the end of the summer season.  My decision not to go in the final months of 2006 has haunted me

Go Funk Yourself

A week last Saturday my girlfriend and I had a party at our flat.  Nothing major, four invited guests.  Everyone arrived around 10:30 and the party began, music, merriment and joyous bonhomie took place for two and half hours, we organised my trusty “Nad amplifier” and “Jamo” floor standing speakers next to the laptop.  No decks this particular

Go Funk Yourself

I listened to a story on Coast To Coast AM about Hitler at the culmination of the second world war.  Most people except the idea that Hitler cowardly took his own life hours before the Russians arrived in Berlin, along with his long term lover  ‘Eva Braun’ and two Alsation dogs (what a real bastard). The Coast

What Service Do You Require?

A report detailing a  dramatic rise in people using the 999 emergency (UK) telephone number to report minor problems has come back into the UK papers after Manchester United lost on penalties recently.  Fans apparently so distraught with the outcome and the performance of David Moyes they turned to the number for support.  LOL.  People