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GO FUNK YOURSELF Sunday 29th May

If you follow any of our posts or regularly visit our Facebook Page, you might be aware of the awesome event known as “Go Funk Yourself”.  So awesome is it in fact, that it titles not only a series of parties organised and promoted by Very Funky Records at pubs and bars around Brighton, London and

Go Funk Yourself

A week last Saturday my girlfriend and I had a party at our flat.  Nothing major, four invited guests.  Everyone arrived around 10:30 and the party began, music, merriment and joyous bonhomie took place for two and half hours, we organised my trusty “Nad amplifier” and “Jamo” floor standing speakers next to the laptop.  No decks this particular

We all wanna have fun

One day, about 15 years ago, my Dad and I sat down in front of the TV and began to watch Batman (Micheal Keaton version) and in my opinion, still the best Bat.  My Dad looked at me and said, “I remember this when it was released in the cinema, you begged me to take you”.  In the end he didn’t