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GO FUNK YOURSELF Sunday 29th May

If you follow any of our posts or regularly visit our Facebook Page, you might be aware of the awesome event known as “Go Funk Yourself”.  So awesome is it in fact, that it titles not only a series of parties organised and promoted by Very Funky Records at pubs and bars around Brighton, London and

DJ Mes – So Astounded – Guesthouse Music

Where is all this quality House coming from?   Consistent Disco, Funky House party Music – Loads of it, heaps, mounds, dropped from the God of House Music on to the head and into the brain of DJ Mes.  Every week it’s like a lotto win at Very funky records  another hous-er that will fit

DJ Dan and DJ Mes – “I Got It”

I am reminded of the late 90’s and early 00’s with much of the disco house being produced at the moment.  I was happy to discover this little gem constructed by the ‘all powerful’ DJ Mes.  This American producer has done it more than many times, coupled with DJ Dan, another Guest House hero.  Don’t