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Go Funk Yourself – Goat Smoking Pipe – Open Mic

We have been promoting and organising a regular Open Mic event in Brighton.  It began life as “I Said Open Mic Not Goat Smoking Pipe” at Neighbourhood Bar in the city on Thursdays.  I admit the name was a bit of a mouthful.  We then hot footed the event over to Revolution Bar every Tuesday


I’ve noticed a lot of people posting “You Know it’s cold when you go outside and it’s cold” Memes.  “Super Wit”, but also very true at this time of year, and I really enjoy a good woolly hat and scarf so, bonus!  I traveled back to my home town of Chepstow in Wales this week to

Chicken Jacket – End Times

In the UK some genius has decided it is a good idea to give Chickens, yes Chickens, their own jackets – High-Vis jackets to be precise.  Is there a clearer sign that we have reached the end times?  Super logic to be sure! “Before we kill our chickens, lets protect our chickens from being killed”.

Four To The Floor – Episode 10

Another weekend swings into view and this last fortnight the ‘UK’ press are still discussing Russel Brand and his interview with “The Paxman” on BBC’S ‘News Night’ programme.  (Now so I am).  Russel’s admission that he has never voted and doing so will make little difference has ignited passionate column inches from “cultural commentators” up