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A Million Ways To Pun This Movie Title

Not even Gilbert Gottfred dressed as Abe Lincoln   could save this movie.  “Err what If I had something in this hand, and it made you forget whatever was in that hand, suddenly you thought, what was that?”  How about an original script that worked you fucking assholes.  Before you run to the cinema and


Prides Messiah: – Smoking dancing driving pissing clergy men dumping a body in an open top old Alpha Romeo red sports car is what we need for the video says the “Art Director”, lets go to Scotland, maybe Iceland or Wales?  Then drive around like we don’t give a fuck! Did North Korea Kidnap This

Four To The Floor – Episode 31

2006 was the year I wanted to move to Canada.  I spent three months in the United States working at a Summer Camp and I had planed to travel into the “Great White North” at the end of the summer season.  My decision not to go in the final months of 2006 has haunted me

Chromeo – Over Your Shoulder

For those of us who are rhythmically inclined to move our bodies to Disco it would be hard not to enjoy Chromeo.  The name evokes 1950’s style American cars with gigantic fenders and design cues from the space age.  Fins, wings and rocket tip lights were all the rage, you only need to examine a 59