Go Funk Yourself

For anyone based in Brighton Sussex, UK.  “VFR” headquarters!  We’re launching a new “Goat Smoking” Open Mic at Revolution Brighton on Tuesday evenings.  Since March of this year (2015) we have been running an extremely fun and successful open mic style event at a small but very cool local bar “Neighbourhood” in Kemptown.  “I said OPEN MIC not goat smoking pipe” has been so fun we’re expanding to take on another event at Revolution bar on West St, smack bang in the center of Brighton.

Click this link for NEIGHBOURHOOD,  I said Open Mic not goat smoking pipe images…LINK!


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GO FUNK YOURSELF FRIDAY 09 TH OCTOBER - Very Funky Records - www.veryfunkyrecords.com

“Go Funk Yourself”


GO FUNK YOURSELF SATURDAY 10th OCT Shortts Brighton - Very Funky Records - www.veryfunkyrecords.com

“Go Funk Yourself