Four To The Floor – Episode 30

Another late night, but minus the pharmaceuticals, thank God.  I sit here at 4:51 AM and I have discovered internet on my TV through my XBOX 360. How wonderful technology has become now, I can view the internet through my television screen, as well as my laptop screen, and my phone screen! All the while under the safe and watchful protection of the N.S.A and the C.I.A.  Hooray.  How long will it be though before we say goodbye to the screen altogether and the images are burned onto my retina through some kind of super powered “RFID Chip”?  I don’t live in the United states so “Obama Care” won’t be forcing me to insert tiny microchips anywhere on my body.  Although, another reminder that America is a crazy place lies in the lyrics of Cajual recording’s “Road House” from Click Click and DJ Glen.  A direct rip of the Charles Ramsey speech after he now famously rescued some captive US citizens in a story that could have come from the pages of a Stephen King novel.  Not the first to use ‘Ramsey’ however, “Dead Giveaway!” from Youtube account holders Schmoyoho  first remixed the speech and this happens to be the third time I have posted a track using Charles’s words.  The ‘Click Click and DJ Glen’ incarnation is a gold standard, super stand-out Houser, to be used and enjoyed by all at the precise moment mid set, go nuts Super Star DJ’s.

"The United States of Gigantic Steroid Birdmen"

“The United States of Gigantic Steroid Bird Men”




1984 Xbox One | Kinect 2.0 Always Listening