Disco Tech

Swedish DJ/Producer bringing disco vibes with cheeky re-works and some slow jam original grooves.  A selection for your disco yearning ears below.

A lot of people tweek tracks and post em on Soundcloud, this in-turn brings about complaints from all kinds of douche bags not happy with re-edits.  To these moaning few I say “shut your cake holes u moronic bystanders”.  Recorded music is in constant reinvention.  A life cycle like the inhabitants of earth, people are born and die.  Similarly music gets re-discovered, or in some cases simply discovered loved, enjoyed and forgotten.

DJ tweeks, and production touches are vital for any geezer stepping up.  Admittedly sometimes you think – “Seriously why did you bother?”  This is not so with “Disco Tech”. “Lovin your work Sir”!  Guys like Disco Tech are doing a service for the next generation, introducing classics, building a vibe and creating ideas, not to mention adding their own unique twist within DJ sets.

Hi - Tech...

Hi – Tech…


Slip And Do (Disco Tech rework)


I Want Cha (Disco Tech edit) FREE DL


Going Back To My Roots (Disco Tech rework)