Go Funk Yourself

When my Girlfriend picks a movie for us to watch it will land (once investigated) on the not very good list!  Last Sunday my body melted into the sofa as it often did when I was out every weekend in the folly of my youth!  We both sat for 7 hours and consumed!  Terrible food, terrible TV and terrible movies although one did stand out  and it shook me to the core.  She had selected “Starred Up”.  A brutal unforgiving tale set in a UK prison.  At first I vocally protested and poured scorn on the title, even the first scenes led me to turn up my nose, but soon enough I was inside that caged-off drug den where the characters lived.  “Starred Up” is a tale of a young convict who has risen though the penal system only to end up serving time in the same prison as his father.  It’s a cramped and confined movie never leaving the walls of the compound in which the story takes place.  The bleak life of an inmate is laid bare, in one scene three men stand in a cell as another seated on a toilet pulls a mobile phone from his anus wrapped in cling film, he then casually passes it over to be used.  This aggressive alpha male environment where beatings and fights can seemingly flare up in any situation is juxtaposed with the realisation that prison homosexuality is real, and a choice made by long term prisoners.  I was deeply moved by many situations particularly the ending of this film, and if this graphic portrait of life in UK prisons is accurate I hope I never see the inside of one!  Or a man pulling a cell phone out of his ass…

Jack O’Connell wins Bafta for performance in “Starred Up”

Why is the UK government determined to Frack? – This graph will tell you why..

Studio 54 images from back in the day…

What happened to Al Qaede?


Late on Sunday evening I also found myself watching “The Never Ending Story” a classic fantasy tale for children and early teens. As the film unfolded my attention drifted back and fourth between the TV  screen and laptop.  Towards the end of the movie the main character “Atreyu” must pass under two pair of Sphynx-like statues.  Let me remind you this is a kids movie.  As he does so the audience gets more than a glimpse of gigantic titties hanging proudly from the statue breast plates.  Massive in fact, with nipples! Take a look below…





Howard Stern Interviews Charlie Murphy – from 2009 – but a good watch

Afro Man – WTF

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