We went to watch the new and final Hobbit Movie – “The Battle of the Five Armies”.  It is a satisfying end to the second trilogy based on the books of JRR Tolkien.  An action packed affair, and the pace of the movie hurtles along, particularly if you compare it to the previous two installments.  I did find however that vital parts of the movie four-shadowing the coming trilogy were hastily pushed through to make way for the final battle sequence ultimately giving the movie it’s title.  A minor issue.   Before the film started we sat in Cineworld and observed the trailers, on our right walked a real life middle earth troupe of fellows.  “Cos-play people, in Brighton?”  For a brief moment I imagined what it would be like to attend Comic-Con in San Diego or New York. Elves, Hobbits and Middle Earth folk sat far in the front row and gave a cheer as the title sequence appeared before our eyes.  At the the end of the movie I asked to take a quick pic. These chaps must have been seasoned pro’s at the cos-play game. They knew instinctively a photo op was about to occur, ranks were formed much like Elves and Dwarf’s in the movie.  Impressive I thought, and the smiley happy folk  went quietly away into the freezing night, only their tightly woven flowing cloaks, wigs’s of golden yellow and ridiculously massive hobbit feet to keep them warm.  Super Geeks!


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Middle Earth Enthusiasm

Middle Earth Enthusiasm