Sonny Fodera feat. Justin Chalice – Stuck

So this is an uncomplicated house tracks with a linear nature and definitive histrionic antiquated groove, as if lifted from the dance floors of the original NYC Loft or the Paradise Garage.  Simple is none the less effective, and Sonny Fodera has crafted, yet again another melodic groover.

My initial reaction is to lean against a post and snap my fingers like MJ*, whilst above my head a pink and blue neon sign flashes “Just Dance Now”.  I let the synth and bass line cloud my imagination and find myself wanting an 80’s plastic comb to run through my equally 80’s Jerry curl Afro.  But, before we all reach for the ‘Soul Glo’ or braid our hair like Patrice Rushen from ‘Forget Me Knots’ lets remind ourselves that this is from Cajual Recordings and Sonny Fedora.  A man on top of his game, producing some truly great disco house at the moment and a track will be supporting when we DJ in the bars and clubs, and very possibly on the beaches this Summer Season 2013.

But it ain’t just the ‘Oil Slick’ bass line and guitar that brings warmth to my house infused soul, or even the Stoic yet graceful intentions of the lyrics.  It is all that, plus, the simplistic arrangement of the music from this producer with his clean and crisp beats which in turn give me hope for the future of house music.

This track is out now and available on his album ‘Moving Forward’. Cajual Recordings (You can find it if you do the research), Or Visit this link:

Sonny Fedorra image 1



*MJ – Micheal Jackson, undisputed King of Pop.  Deceased.  ‘Child molestation accusations’.  (Settled out of court).