Boy George – King of Everything

Boy George has returned to us; not so much like the second coming but the re-emergence of a guy going through hard times, culminating in two arrests and convictions in the late noughties.  Sad it seemed, as the career grim reaper was about to lower the sythe on the head of Boy George. Some laughed, I’m sure; some were sad but the overall emotion was shock. Now, in 2013, the “Boy” has risen like a pheonix from the flames, and, watching his appearance on BBC Breakfast (UK) he confirms this with his advocation that in the past he was growing and learning and making mistakes (or words to that effect). This would appear to be true on the surface, because a sure sign that a person is in control of their life is their ability to manage their image (especially in the world of celebrity) and George looked slimline, sexy and glowing in the trade mark gigantic oversized hat.

"Boyz to Men"

“Boyz to Men”


It is easy to forget the impact Culture Club had on the world; music and fashion united in one gigantic ball of energy. Something the current batch of pop starlets are trying so achingly hard to achieve. So then, it is important to listen to ‘BG’s’ new album with intense interest, especially after his admission that Culture Club will be releasing new material in 2014. The first thing you notice about “King of Everything”, the first release on, ‘This Is What I Do’, is George’s voice. It has aged like a fine whiskey, just on the right side of cracked and deep, with orchestral tones supporting the chorus. Do the opening lines refer to his actions over the past few years, and question his future? “Will I Be King of Everything?” Who knows the real meaning but I feel a hefty dose of remorse all around this record, plus the lyrics actuall read, “You know I am sorry for the times I made you cry”. “King of Everything” has a whimiscal yet lachrymose feel topped with the joyous question in the chorus; a possible answer to his past and a glimse into the coming year?

The whole album has references to religion and spiritual connections. One song blatantly called, “My God” and goes “My God Is Bigger Than Your God”. Playground tête-à-tête aside, some might take issue with this. Such a broad statement about God. for example. can rub people up the wrong way, but this isn’t teen pop. One Direction fans will not be buying this record (sorry, George.)  But it does feel like he has something to say, especially after mainstream media so publicly covering events in recent years. My favourite song on the album is, “It’s Easy”; a simple melody and right on the money lyrics about love and relationships. The questions is, who hurt you George? Who hurt you? Or who did you leave behind?

The album in its entirety is posted below. Take note of the video for ‘King of Everything’; a nice look back at the impact George had on Western Culture and how we all still want to be in his Club.

Boy George – This is What I DO

The album is available to buy here: 

If you happen to live in the UK and your desperate to get your fix of Boy George he will be performing an acoustic set of tracks from his new album on Wednesday13th November at 7:00pm in Rough Trade East London. For Free!